Sitelinks are displayed below the Google search result of any website. They appear as categories to the original link on the Google search results.  They contribute to overall SEO since they promote rankings on the website.

Why Do You Need Them?

Here are some of the ways that sitelinks can improve your ranking on the search engines.

  • It is easy for visitors to track different categories to your website from Google.
  • The snippets provide more information about your website. Therefore, visitors don’t have to click through every page to get an idea of what your website is about.
  • They capture a considerable portion of Google results. Therefore, sitelinks can guarantee targeted users to your site.
  • You will receive targeted users to your site because sitelinks control a considerable portion of the search engine results. They play an important role in search engine optimization and will improve your search engine ranks considerably.
  • They are crucial to overall organization of your website since they allow notable hierachy.
  • Finally, users will receive relevant shortcuts to various categories on the website thus enhancing navigation and usability.

How To Get Sitelinks

  • Use a clear and logical hierarchy on your site. Navigating from one page to another should be naturally progressive.
  • Use original content. Duplicate content will damage your site’s reputability.
  • Improve your site’s speed and also the load times allowing faster navigation for all the users.
  • Make sure the main menu contains the important categories to allow easier crawling for search engine algorithms.
  • The meta descriptions should be relevant and descriptive to make it easier for visitors to understand the content on your site.
  • With high organic search traffic on your site resulting in a high click-through rate would provide sitelinks on your site’s Google search result.
  • Popular internal pages will also create sitelinks increasing the overall indexing of your site on the search engines.





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