Besides search engine optimization, there are a few web design tricks you can add to your website to increase your views. If you’re running a content website, you need to provide quality information that entices visitors to keep coming back for more. Here are some useful web design tricks that will increase your views with every new post.

  1. Responsive Web Design


A good number of internet users rely on their mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets to get information online. On that note, you need to adopt a responsive web design to cater for the mobile devices. You can count on more mobile traffic, faster web pages and also higher conversion rates. With responsive web design, you can adapt the content on your site to different mobile devices to allow effortless navigation.


  1. Easier Navigation

How fast can visitors to your website find what they are looking for? If you’re running a website with multiple pages, you need to provide links and sitemaps to allow easier navigation on your site. All the navigation titles on the website should be legible and easy as well as the categories. The website should also include a search feature allowing users to find anything they need on the site effortlessly.


  1. Visual Content

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Large blocks of text on your site might not be appealing to the readers. You should increase the visual content on your website by adding videos, images, GIFs and memes to make the content readable. If you’re using videos, make sure they are short and precise. As for the rest, you need to make sure they are relevant to the content you’re promoting.

Finally, your content needs to be fresh and unique to keep readers interested. Make sure your content answers the questions in the minds of the readers. Keep them enticed to learn more about the topic in question.

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